User feedback on security analytics updates

We’re developing a Security Analytics solution for OpenSearch. We need the help of the OpenSearch community on usability of all major parts of the Security Analytics experience. We want to ensure that first time user has an optimal experience.

We are curious on how you will evaluate the usability of a SIEM solution being developed by OpenSearch. Basically, we want to see if what we can help users like you do their job better.To give us feedback, please access the UserZoom link below. The UserZoom tool will record your interaction with OpenSearch Dashboards instance with the latest (2.9) version deployed. You will first see a questionnaire, and then perform tasks on your browser.

If you’re interested in influencing the user experience and have 20-30 minutes to test the solution we’re building, please use this link to access the study website and provide your input. On this link, you will be required to complete a set of tasks using a web interface (deadline 9/15/2023) and answer questions about your experience.


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