Upgrade rpm dist via tarbal?


is it somehow possieble to upgrade OpenDistro 1.13.1 to 1.13.3, if was installed via rpm (or deb) packages and new version is tarball only? I mean without each node being fully uninstalled and reinstalled from new source again.


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Hey @Fsitler

Correct. Right now there is no Open Distro 1.13.3 rpm/deb. The suggested mitigation is to remove the classpath or set the formatMsgNoLookups via the environment variable (see Log4j – Apache Log4j 2 for more details)

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Another alternative would be to do a rolling upgrade, although this is a larger and potentially more disruptive type of upgrade for folks in some situations. The mitigations described by @searchymcsearchface are definitely the most targeted and quick to implement.

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