Open Distro Artifacts

The achieving of the Open Distro pages has broken access to all artefact files for all versions. Can we please get this addressed?


Agreed. Are old rpm packages available anywhere until we complete our migration to OpenSearch.

We also been hurted by this. Please let us download the plugins (.zip files), so we can install directly until we finish migrating to OpenSearch

Also agreed here - the OpenSearch upgrade paths even recommend going to the last version of ODFE before making the jump to OpenSearch. The existing RPMs and yum repos are needed to make that possible.

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Hi – Open Distro was bunded as part of Open source Elasticsearch and Kibana 7.10.2. Those products reached their end of life on May 11th, 2022, and are no longer receiving active development, security patches, or bugfixes. We could therefore no longer guarantee Open Distro would receive upstream security fixes, which is why we recommend folks upgrade to OpenSearch.

But I understand that you may need access to the ODFE artifacts. If you do, please drop a note to, and we’ll send you a link to access them while you plan your upgrade.