Open Distro project is archived - .deb repository

Hey folks,

The recent blog post mentions that the Opendistro project has been archived. Just wondering if an alternative .deb repository containing the old packages is being maintained anywhere?


I would also need an Opendistro .rpm repository alternative.
If you find out anything like this please let me know as well lechuck :slight_smile:

Hey @rinzisdaniel ,

I’m afraid I haven’t found anything yet. Managed to recover .deb packages from an existing installation ( from the apt cache ) and have set up a local repo which is working fine, but not fit for public consumption :slight_smile: A note on that - the opendistroforelasticsearch package contained a pre-install script which pulled in a dependency from a Cloudfront URL also, so this needed to be amended and repackaged also .

I was hoping that the repositories behind the Cloudfront URL still existed so we could do a proper repository sync before it’s gone for good.

Thanks for the reply. Eventually, I installed Elasticsearch without using the CloudFront open distro repo and seems to be working fine.

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