Upgrade opensearch

Hello Their,

We are currently using OpenSearch 1.3.6 and want to upgrade, which version is better for upgrade.
Since I am not sure if we need to do manual reindexing if we opt for 2.X version as mentioned here

Please guide,


Hey @sameer29nov

What is your Operating sysytem? You should be able to upgrade from 1.3.X to version 2.0 from there upgrade to version you would like without an issue. I persona l wouldnt upgrade from 1.3 to 2.11 you may run into problems.

Thank you!

what about 2.9.0, I have tried upgrading 1.3.6 to 2.9.0 and its working but just wanted to confirm so that I will choose specific version which may helps for future upgrades in better way and sequence. It will also help to maintain that track and adapt that process