Opensearch Upgrade Guide

Hello, I have looked for Opensearch upgrade guide but was not able to find one, how should I plan upgrade from 1.3.0 to latest version? it is dockerized, standalone.

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Hello @sukur55 - I’ve asked the team and will see what they come back with.

Hello @sukur55 - wanted to make sure you saw this section of the documentation - does this help?

Hi @kris Thanks for the answer.

Any plan for Kubernetes users using helm?

Upgrading from latest 1.x to earliest 2.x doesn’t work.

You’re welcome.

Regarding future release plans - we publish those here: OpenSearch Project Roadmap · GitHub
(I’m not positive on the Kubernetes/helm question) @zhujiaxi - would you or the team have insight to share on this?

For the 1.x to 2.x - what issues are you seeing?

Hey @kris thanks for the answer. Honestly would be nice to see a guide about how to upgrade between major versions (using helm). Our plan is stick with 1.x until the end of support, then export data to a new cluster.

Ideas are welcome, we’re new on OpenSearch :slight_smile:

Checking in also. I installed a 1.x cluster from tarball, and now I want to upgrade to 2.x and there doesn’t seem to be upgrade docs anywhere. Am I not looking in the right place(s)?