Upgrade to Opensearch 2.0 from elasticsearch 7.10?


As per this link Upgrade from Elasticsearch OSS to OpenSearch - OpenSearch documentation ,
If you are upgrading an Open Distro for Elasticsearch cluster, we recommend first upgrading to ODFE 1.13 and then upgrading to OpenSearch.

I’m already on Elasticsearch 7.10.2+ODFE (security plugin) 1.13. With this, I am able to upgrade to Opensearch 1.0.
Can I also directly upgrade to Opensearch 2.0 as well?

In short, what is the recommended upgrade path?

Elasticsearch 7.10.2, ODFE1.13 → Opensearch 1.x → Opensearch 2.x
Elasticsearch 7.10.2, ODFE1.13 → Opensearch 2.x


Was there any answer for this? I have a cluster that needs an upgrade badly.

If you wish to be entirely certain of a smooth upgrade, go the long route:
Last major old version>first major new version:
Last ODFE version > OS 1.0 > OS 1.latest > OS 2.0 > OS 2.latest

OS follows Semver, so this route should always be the safest path at any given time.

Do make sure to check deprecation notices and clients at each version upgrade, and especially when doing a major version upgrade to ensure compatibility.