Totally disable tenancy

Since updating to Opendistro 1.13 i cant generate a report because this stupid popup shows up in the report.

Can you help me disable totally tenancy? I have already disabled it from the config.yml in the /plugin/opendistro_security/securityconfig

That’s my config:
# Set filtered_alias_mode to ‘disallow’ to forbid more than 2 filtered aliases per index
# Set filtered_alias_mode to ‘warn’ to allow more than 2 filtered aliases per index but warns about it (default)
# Set filtered_alias_mode to ‘nowarn’ to allow more than 2 filtered aliases per index silently
filtered_alias_mode: nowarn
do_not_fail_on_forbidden: false
# Kibana multitenancy
multitenancy_enabled: false
server_username: kibanaserver
index: ‘.kibana’

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hey @dangelidaniel - I moved this to the security category. They will be more equipped to help you - also maybe the @reporting-team might want to weigh in.

I want to disable that pop-up as well.

My kibana.yml has

opendistro_security.multitenancy.enabled: false
opendistro_security.multitenancy.tenants.preferred: ["Global"]

I don’t want users to see the pop-up.
It’s true that if you just click on the ‘x’ to kill the pop-up, Kibana works as expected, but many of my users are confused by the message.

Hi, i’ve managed to make it disappear from the reports by, pretty counterintuitively, enabling multi tenancy.

Now the user is required to press ok when logging to accept the global tenancy but at least there is no popup in the report.

Do you mean that if multi-tenancy is disabled then user will get this pop-up in report? I think this is something we were not aware of lol. It seems to me, this issue is more of a security plugin issue rather than a reporting issue. If user disabled multi-tenancy, why is he supposed to see a pop-up asking him to select tenant?

Correct. With “multitenancy_enabled: false” I see the popup on first login. I can only click ‘Cancel’ and then I never see the popup again.

This is quite frustrating when we’re onboarding new customers.

I’m getting the same result in OpenSearch 1.1.0. I wouldn’t expect the fix in OpenDistro.
This should be reported as a bug in OpenSearch-Dashboards GitHub.