Support Diagnostics

OpenSearch 5.5
Can’t run an Elastic-style Support Diagnostic

We have some development clusters hosted on Elasticsearch 5.5 on prem, but have UAT and production on OpenSearch 5.5 in AWS. Elastic has a support diagnostic program that exercises all the APIs and creates a .zip of all the output (see GitHub - elastic/support-diagnostics: Support diagnostics utility for elasticsearch and logstash). This is useful and can be run against the ES 5.5 clusters but when the same command is run against the OpenSearch 5.5 clusters in AWS, it only get data that you can get if unauthenticated.

v5.5 predates the fork and comes from an era where user and role management was almost non-existent. I expect there is an old version of the support diagnostic that should work for both, but it seems more like a problem with running in AWS than an OpenSearch/Elastic authentication problem.

Has anyone solved this and can run an equivalent support diagnostic out of OpenSearch? Is there a diagnostic console in AWS which can do the same thing?

Thanks for any help!