Is logstash-output-opensearch project dead without any bug fixes? Where's AWS development/support to help fixing them?

As I’m working for a company with enterprise support, and didn’t want to maintain an elasticsearch cluster myself, I decided to replace it with an AWS OpenSearch cluster. Way more expensive but anyway, my time worth more I guess.

I setup the cluster, and went on my logstash instance and found out that I had to use the plugin, installed, configured and it started pushing logs there. I was expecting a zero problem, zero time wasted after the change.

However, there’re some bugs (some are a requirement for me) and there’re no relevant commits since December 7th. I have two tickets open with AWS Support, and the answer is our team is looking on it, but any further updates will be given on the github issue page.

Therefore, my feedback is directed to AWS. Maintain your managed services properly. I can’t export PDF reports on opensearch dashboard (my POs, Developers use this quite often), I can’t install index templates from logstash. The index template problem there’s even a pull request, but nobody seems to test and approve it to make a release.

Hey mate, I can totally understand your frustration as the relationship between the AWS managed service and the open source project can be a bit confusing. This project (including the output plugin you mentioned) are all open source and maintained by the community. There is no guarantee of support. That being said if you find a problem and would like to contribute back the solution that is very welcome!

The managed service you mentioned is separate from the open source community. There are several service providers that contribute: Aiven, Oracle, Instacluster, Logz, and AWS. That being said, the OpenSearch project doesn’t have a single owner that provides support as it is open source.

I understand the separation. This plugin is open source, but it’s not being actively maintained. I don’t have commit access to the repository, PR is open for 6 days. I can’t release it and I can’t update opensearch download page.

PR I’m talking about: Use absolute path for template endpoint by nosnilmot · Pull Request #146 · opensearch-project/logstash-output-opensearch · GitHub

It’s a very simple change, 6 days, zero feedback. I built a version myself here and am using it, but how the rest of the community can have it?

I can just move to elastic cloud and logstash will just work. Probably I have chosen the wrong solution.

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I see what you mean. I have gone ahead and pinged a few of the maintainers on that repo to see if we can get some feedback or get that pulled in. Also, super big thanks for your work on this. I just saw your commits that are fixing the tests which will help make it easy for them to approve that through!

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