Suggestion: OpenSearch 1.0.0 RC2 before GA

thanks everyone for making RC1 a reality!

i was wondering however if it wouldn’t make sense to add an RC2 before the actual GA release since the roadmap wants to add various other release formats/targets to the GA which aren’t yet in RC1 and this would mean that the GA would contain untested formats/targets.

i’m not suggesting to push back the timeline for the GA, but i do presume/hope that the plan isn’t to have these things in one day before GA but a bit earlier => at that point an RC2 could be created?

or is creating a release such a huge effort that it wouldn’t be worth it?

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Packaging up a release is definitely a very real amount of work for the team - although the devops engineering contributors are doing a ton of great work to make it easier.

Which isn’t to say an RC2 is off the table, not in the least. It’s worth a community-wide conversation about whether there are features it’d be helpful to try out early - even if that meant potentially delaying GA or taking something else out of scope for it.