Query on availability of Opensearch and Opensearch dashboard RPM's

From Opensearch 2.2.1 · OpenSearch download link there is no mention about RPM delivery for Opensearch and Opensearch dashboard. But from the announcement OpenSearch Release Candidate (RC1) is now available · OpenSearch RPM’s were supposed to available in GA. What is the plan for delivering RPM’s? Is there any way to download RPM RPM - Open Distro Documentation like this?

It’s on the roadmap for 1.3:

As you might have guessed, it’s been delayed several times. I know it’s a big blocker for a lot of folks and I’ve been personally advocating to be prioritized as recently as yesterday.

Any updates on RPM availability? It was supposed to be planned for Opensearch 1.3.0

Hello, there’s an active discussion on it here: RPM Distributions delayed again? - #19 by bbarani

long story short, rpm releases has been postponed, but actively looked into.

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