How will the opensearch plugins be delivered in GA release?

The release notes for RC1 states that - ‘The Release Candidate includes downloadable artifacts (Linux tars and Docker images) as well as a number of OpenSearch plugins.’
However, the respective links to the opensearch plugins suggest to build the plugins from the source code and then install the built zip.
(For ex. security-dashboards-plugin ).
The downloads page also does not have an option to download the plugins currently.

But in case of opendistro, the standalone plugins were available in zip format for direct download and use.

Will the GA release of opensearch deliver the individual standalone plugins as direct downloadable zip files?


Any updates pls?
I see the 1.0 GA release also does not deliver the standalone plugins as individually-downloadable zip files.
And it doesnt look like its planned for 1.1 release as this cannot be seen in artifact coverage in the roadmap.

  1. Are there any plans to deliver plugins as individual downloadable zips (like it was in case of opendistro)?
  2. Will the RPM X64 artifact (to be delivered in 1.1) contain all the opensearch plugins installed?
  3. Will all the installed opensearch plugins in the rpm be enabled ‘on’ by default on using the rpm ? and user would have to disable the un-needed plugins explicitly to opt-out of those functionalities?
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Thats also very important for us. I suggest to just publish the zip plugin artifacts alongside with all other artifacts to maven central.

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