✅ [Solved] "Saved object is missing. Could not locate that dashboard"

Hi, I have encountered a strange problem with loading dashboards, and can’t seem to find any solution in google/docs/config.
On “Dashboards” list in Kibana and I see some dashboards. However when I click on any of these I am getting a following message:

Saved object is missing

Could not locate that dashboard (id: 391fd800-a01f-11ea-9343-abc35bac234d)

In network tab in browser inspector I see a server response:

{“saved_objects”:[{“id”:“391fd800-a01f-11ea-9343-abc35bac234d”,“type”:“dashboard”,“error”:{“statusCode”:404,“message”:“Not found”}}]}

The same error pops up when trying to click any visualisation. When entering “Discovery” I get a blank screen. In the inspector I can see a following error:

{“saved_objects”:[{“id”:“09eb1d40-9f68-11ea-a675-9d09f699ef50”,“type”:“index-pattern”,“error”:{“statusCode”:404,“message”:“Not found”}}]}

The only thing that helps is switching user to “all_access” role. Then, and only then user can actually load the dashboard/visualisations/discovery.

Any help or directions will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Additional info:
when I enter settings->Index Patterns I can see the problematic pattern on the list, exactly like all other objects, but when I click on the pattern nothing happens and browser inspector shows yet another:

{“saved_objects”:[{“id”:“09eb1d40-9f68-11ea-a675-9d09f699ef50”,“type”:“index-pattern”,“error”:{“statusCode”:404,“message”:“Not found”}}]}

How come Kibana can see and list all this saved objects but when I want to actually use them she cannot find those? :thinking: :worried:

Yet another hint:
When I try to manually create index pattern I see following message:

:white_check_mark: OK, I have finally found a solution. Apart from my custom-index-level-read-only role I assigned two additional roles to users: kibana-user and kibana-read-only. This seems to do the trick: users can now access my index, index pattern and all saved objects based on the index data.