Is this a cache issue with index pattern and saved object

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):

I have done 2 changes related to my dashboard using edge browser

  1. I changed the data type of one field from date to keyword and refreshed i the index from index pattern.
  2. Removed some of the saved objects.

For both the issues, if i go and access dashboard using firefox browser, the index is still showing old data type and i can also see the deleted 'saved object;

tried to clear the browser cache/incognito window and
POST /.kibana/_refresh from dev tools… But still same issue is existing.

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@jinoinfo What is the OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards version?

it is 2.15

@pablo : Thanks for looking into this issue.

Today i am seeing correct behavior. Not sure what happened between yday and today. Let me watch out to see whether this issue happens any more and will let you know in case needed to look further into this

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