[Solved][CCS] Does Cross cluster search be supported on OpenSearch Dashboard?

Testing the Cross cluster search function with OpenSearch 1.3.2. To validate the setting works via dev tool.

  1. It seems like the OpenSearch dashboard doesn’t allow you to create an index pattern of the index on remote_cluster. I have ever seen a similar bug report on Github but can’t find it at the moment.
  2. Is it possible to create an alias or index pattern for the local and remote index? e.g. local:index-A and remote:index-A. Is it possible to send a search to both local and remote index-A
  3. Does OpenSearch dashboard send API call to backend random node? I noticed the remote_cluster:index seach doesn’t succesful all the time. There’s chance of 404 not found. This is a three nodes cluster and just one has coordinator role.

The elasticsearch demo in the video is the exact function I’d like to do with OpenSearch

It’s working now. The changes we made as below.

  • Upgrade to OpenSearch
  • To configure OpenSearch Dashboard talk to nodes that have coordinator role. It’s configured to random nodes on 1.3.2.

I’m not sure which is the key to making it work.