Snapshot retention policy

I have setup a policy to create a snapshot every hour. I wonder whether we can also setup a retention policy to delete taken snapshots after 1 day? In other words, delete snapshots that are older than a certain condition? For example, when an index is deleted, then is a waste of space in the snapshot repository if is still kept there.


My ODFE production cluster is configured to take snapshot every half hour. The size of S3 snapshots is increasing daily. Currently, the S3 has over 450 GB of storage whereas the total cluster size is only 240 GB.

My research led to Cleanup Snapshot API, but it wasn’t helpful.

A solution to retain last 30 or 90 days snapshots in the S3 repo will be helpful in terms of billing.

I have decided to use Curator, but would be nice if this feature could be added to ILM.

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