Snapshot policy index pattern conditions

Historically I have been using curator + cron to manage my snapshot schedules and configs.
Similar to curator- are there any plans to allow the snapshot plugin to apply specific conditions to the indices it snapshots?

For example I have a cluster with 50TB of log data at any given time. The current state of the plug-in from what I can tell will allow me to schedule a snapshot of a specific index pattern (or all indices).

Obviously this doesn’t make much sense in saving cost for snapshot storage since I really only need to snapshot indices that are at most a day old. (index roll over policy daily or even hourly in some cases)

Are there any plans to add this functionality similar to curator where for a given index pattern you can specify some conditions around the snapshot ie: creation date etc?

I tried searching the issues on GitHub and came up with nothing.


I think you can define a ISM policy with Snapshot Action and transition to meet the requirement, when an index is created more than one day, do the snapshot for that index, you can also define ISM templates in the policy to specify index patterns.

Hmmm that is an interesting work-around. I can see how it can work, however it still leaves a bit to be desired, there is a bunch more functionality and features from the snapshot API that does not seem to be included in ISM.
For instance there is minimum age, no maximum etc, so minimum age of 1day to snapshot would still end up snapshotting quite a bit more data than required.

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