Setting up SMTP communication in OD for Kibana

Hello All ,

I have a question regarding the solution provided in the below URL .

Solution for Email configuration Kibana

I have confugred SMTP in logstash as per the solution .I want to send the Message as Body for email. I tried but it is not working. Please let me know how to configure this .

input { http { } }

output {
  email {
    from => ''
    to => ''
    address => 'XX.XXX.XX.XX'
    subject => 'Alert - ELK'
    body => "%{message}"

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Saravana S

What is wrong with Email Destination in OD Alert plugin? OD version 1.11 has it and it is working fine

Hello @mmamaenko ,

I was not aware of this feature availability since i am using 1.6.0 version .

I will check the new version . Thanks for your help.