Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 465, statuscode: -1

I have a problem with the Email Alerting configuration. When we send the email by gmail I do not receive any message in the mailbox. At cmd we have the following error:
“Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 465, statuscode: 1”
In Kibana i configure host like :
mail adress:
port : 465
Encryptionmethod: SSL
After i tried with TLS configuration but i got an other error : “Could not convert socket to TLS, statuscode: 1” and nothing to my mailbox
Hope someone can help. Sorry for my english

what version of OD are you running? I just checked mine (1.11.0) and it did send email (tested both ssl and tls) but got rejected by google because it was not authorized application (need to configure some app authorization in gmail stiings

Hi, Thank you very much. I have resolve the is my antivirus avast which prevents the sending of the message