Secutiry Plugin Cache Issue

I am using opensearch 2.0 deployed through kubernets.
The problem i am facing is getting internal server error 500 and not able to login or send rest api requests from one user.

The issue is resolved after clearing security plugin cache.
“Delete _plugins/_security/api/cache”.

Have only enabled basic auth for logging in.
i do not have a clear understanding how the security plugin cache is working.
So requesting someone to help me provide some materials or more settings where i can configure the security cache.

@harshitS The security cache keeps basic auth and LDAP authenticated users’ information. It is cleared every 15 minutes, but it can also be cleared manually by either the Purge Cache button in OpenSearch Dashboards or mentioned API.

You should follow Helm charts shared in OpenSearch documentation.

Hi @pablo
Can you please tell me where exactly i have to change the cache timeout?
Because i don’t think it is clearing the cache automatically.
The internal server error could be because of a different reason.
But from my understanding i think it is because of the security cache.

@harshitS Are you getting this 500 error just after starting the cluster? How long is the reported user logged in?
Does it only happen for one particular user?