Restored security index, can see users/roles but unable to login

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
Opensearch 2.3.0

Describe the issue:
Hello, I took a snapshot of the security index on an old cluster, restored it on the new cluster, and reindexed the data from the old security index to the new cluster’s index. In the new cluster’s OSD, I am able to see the users and other security configs as expected. However when I logout from OSD, and try to login using the prev cluster’s user credentials, I am unable to login. I get an “invalid user/password” error. I confirmed 100% that the credentials are correct. Anyone have any advice on what to do?


Relevant Logs or Screenshots:


What is the version of OpenSearch on the old cluster and the new cluster?

Hi Eugene7,

I found the solution:
After reindexing the restored security index to the new cluster’s security index, I had to clear the security cache: DELETE _plugins/_security/api/cache

After doing that, I was able to logout, then login to the new cluster using any user/pass from the old cluster.

This was from an old 2.3.0 to new 2.3.0 cluster.

Thanks for the help!