RPM specfile and source package


Where can I download RPM specfile and source package?

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Check below link:

Check below link:

Open Distro


Open Distro for Elasticsearch

@bipinraut I cannot see neither RPM specfile nor RPM source package there. Please can you point me to an exact location?

Check this link on ur browser

RPM - Open Distro Documentation

@bipinraut Thanks for your effort, but at the provided link there is neither RPM specfile nor RPM source package. More info what is RPM spec file and source packages is e.g. here.

@GoodMirek there is a similar request for source rpm packages here: Direct download of rpm packages - #2 by halkazzar

please follow along that thread for direct rpm links.

On a spec files - I will circle back with more information.

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The RPM specfile is generated automatically as part of our gradle build and is not available as a source artifact. We use the Nebula gradle-os-package-plugin to generate RPMs for each plugin as part of the build (you can do this by running ./gradlew buildRpm). There is also a separate gradle build to generate the uber opendistroforelasticsearch RPM. This RPM is a dependency-only RPM (no files) that depends on the appropriate versions of the upstream elasticsearch-oss RPM and the plugin RPMs. The gradle build that generates the uber RPM is not yet open-sourced but we are planning to do this at some point.

We do not publish source RPMs as of today; if needed you can get the source tarballs for individual plugins releases from the github releases page for e.g. the alerting plugin.

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