Restore shared fs snapshots permissions issues 2.x

Hello my os snapshots are configured with shared fs (nfs) and can see snapshots in dashboards gui but not in console api ?

Im not seeing snapshot name for (_all ?)
all below show same response

get _snapshot/
get _snapshot/_all
get _snapshot/snapshots_dailybackups/

“snapshots_dailybackups” : {
“type” : “fs”,
“settings” : {
“chunk_size” : null,
“location” : “/usr/share/opensearch/snapshots/dailybackups/”,
“max_restore_bytes_per_sec” : “40m”,
“readonly” : “false”,
“compress” : “false”,
“max_snapshot_bytes_per_sec” : “40m”

there are few snaps in repo snapshots_dailybackups
for this snap

get _snapshot/snapshots_dailybackups/812_daily
“snapshots” : [
“snapshot” : “812_daily”,
“uuid” : “2dy7HN_tRJKY4EVj8p-gDg”,
“version_id” : 136227827,
“version” : “2.1.0”,
“indices” : [

but no snap-xx.dat or meta.dat files on my nfs shared storage

Im using local user with admin role and restore get these errors

POST _snapshot/snapshots_dailybackups/812_daily/_restore
“error” : {
“root_cause” : [
“type” : “security_exception”,
“reason” : “no permissions for and User [name=admindata, backend_roles=[admin], requestedTenant=user]”
“type” : “security_exception”,
“reason” : “no permissions for and User [name=admindata, backend_roles=[admin], requestedTenant=user]”
“status” : 403

@infodata Could you share the exact version of your OpenSearch environment?

its in the above output of this
get _snapshot/snapshots_dailybackups/812_daily
“version” : “2.1.0”,

I did have snap-xx.dat or meta.dat files a while ago before updated path to this path but havent tested restore at that time and cant seem to find where are snapshots being saved as dont see those files any more

im able to restore with these extra options after following docs

using exact index

post _snapshot/snapshots_dailybackups/812_daily/_restore
“indices”: “myindex-2022.08.10”,
“include_global_state”: false

@infodata If you want to see all snapshots in the repository then you should the following command.

get _snapshot/<repository_name>/_all


get _snapshot/snapshots_dailybackups/_all

The permission error is caused by the snapshot that contains the .opendistro_security index.
In that case, either you’ll restore a single index/list of the indices or use the admin certificate and curl to restore the full snapshot.

What is the value of the path.repo in opensearch.yml? What group and user is assigned to that shared folder?

yes this works

$ grep path.repo opensearch-ad.yml
path.repo: /usr/share/opensearch/snapshots/dailybackups

is there a api console get to check value of path.repo ?

I could be having nfs mount issues rechecking