Enabling Snapshots in Multi-Node OpenSearch Cluster

OpenSearch stack - 2.10.0

Describe the issue:
We’ve got a multi-node OpenSearch cluster on Docker, and I’m excited to set up snapshot management. The challenge is that OpenSearch seems to only support shared filesystems, which we can’t set up due to some reasons.

Is there a method to enable snapshot backups without the shared file system, so that we can still have high availability? We can create a backup location on one of the servers, but we’re concerned about losing backups if that server goes down.

I get why they recommend a shared filesystem for the design, but I’m just exploring if there’s any alternative approach. Any ideas or tips on how to make this work with individual filesystems?

Thanks in advance!

@datapal The shared filesystem is required for snapshots to allow all the nodes to see the same data.

Have you tried a local VM with NFS server?