Snapshot restore alertconfig

Iam able to restore individual index with below in console as admin user
post _snapshot/dailybackups/fullbackup-8152022/_restore
“indices”: “myindex-2022.08.10”,
“include_global_state”: false

but some of the other indices giving permission issue
looking to restore alerts config


post _snapshot/dailybackups/fullbackup-8152022/_restore
“indices”: “.opendistro-alerting*”,
“include_global_state”: false

“reason” : “no permissions for and User [name=admindata, backend_roles=[admin], requestedTenant=user]”

curl -u dataadmin:‘adminpass’ --insecure -k --cert ./kirk.pem --key ./kirk-key.pem -XPOST ‘https://localhost:9200/_snapshot/dailybackups/fullbackup-8152022/_restore { “indices”: “.opendistro-alerting-alerts”, “include_global_state”: false }’

curl: (3) URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL

also tried curl with working index restore above “myindex-2022.08.10”

checking if alerting monitors config could be restored from snapshots

@kris can someone reply correct syntax to restore entire snapshot (if to delete / first ?)

Hello @infodata - I’ve reached out to the team to see who can assist.

regarding export import alerts-monitors
I did see an option to export monitor in json format
how to import
the import saved objects in stack management is looking for ndjason file format and may be only for dashboards not opensearch