.opendistro-alerting-alerts .opendistro-alerting-config missing

Hi !
I’m trying to give alerting access rights to some users so I followed the documentation ( Alerting doc ).
The problem is I can’t find the .opendistro-alerting-alerts / alerting-config. I do have the .opendistro_security.

How can I fix this issue?
I would like to allow some monitoring only on specified index(es).

No cluster-level perm match for User         [Action [cluster:monitor/state]]
No permissions for [cluster:monitor/state]
No index-level perm match for User
No permissions for [indices:admin/aliases/get]

Thank you


I found out that if I make a monitor and trigger with admin account, the two indices are finally created, no more missing .opendistro-alerting-alerts & .opendistro-alerting-config.

After trying the roles to give, I discovered that you need to allow users to have access to .opendistro-alerting* to be able to see monitors you create.

Is it the right way to do it?

I would like to give monitoring to my users but separate the alerts/monitors by tenants, so every one can only manage their alerts considering the access of which indexes they have.

Thank you for the good job.

Will you come to the AWS Summit in Paris next week?


Hi @ThibaudF Did you manage to find a solution for this use case?

Hello @Anthony,
It was not working if I remember correctly,
My clients didn’t need this system for now so I disabled alerting/it’s not used at all.

We are still using an old open distro version, I’m working on updating it. (opendistro-1.3.0 => 1.12.0)
After the update, I might give a new try to alerting.