Missing documents in opendistro alerting indexes

Is there any reason why I do not see any documents in opendistro alerting indexes such as

I have already created some monitors and have working alerts but do not see any data in these indexes. I’m using admin account, do I miss any additional permissions?

Thanks for the answer

@empirium Those indices are marked hidden. Try this:
curl "https://localhost:9200/_cat/indices?expand_wildcards=all" -u <user>:<passwd> --insecure

Hi, I have the same problem here,

I was able to create index pattern .opendistro-alerting-* and monitors.
In Index Management, I can see that there is documents in it everytime a monitor gets triggered,
But i am not able to access it through the Discover feature.

I have the default admin account to test this, and I could see that I need an admin certificate.
But even after creating one, I couldn’t access anything…

Anything I am missing here ? About roles or permissions ?