Question: does it make sense to backup the .opendistro-ism-config index?

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):


Describe the issue:

The .opendistro-ism-config seems to be hidden from a regular /_cat/indices request, but you can see it by using the ?expand_wildcards=all option.

If I had altered the configuration of ISM and had suffered (for example) a total loss of data, I might want to restore all my data from an S3 snapshot. In that case I would have to reconfigure my ISM policies myself, unless the configuration was also backed up.

My question is, does that make sense? Should I be backing up semi-hidden indices like this and what happens if I restore them over the top of the default (e.g. disaster revovery, post cluster creation, trying to reach previous state?)

Bonus question, what else might I need to backup to ensure I have the full ISM functionality I would expect and can such restoration be fully seamless?



Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

bash$ curl -k "https://localhost:9200/_cat/indices" | grep opend
green open .opendistro-job-scheduler-lock NzbrvdcqQmCnTIKzJ_yNcA 1 2  30 94217 12.7mb 4.5mb

bash$ curl -k "https://localhost:9200/_cat/indices?expand_wildcards=all" | grep opend
green open .opendistro-ism-config         rN4AYecVRKyOy1mfZX_o3Q 1 1  72 92111 23.4mb 11.9mb
green open .opendistro-job-scheduler-lock NzbrvdcqQmCnTIKzJ_yNcA 1 2  30 94218 12.7mb  4.5mb

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