Set additional snapshot parameters

Hi, I am running an Opendistro 1.12.0 cluster. I use the ISM snapshot operation to create hourly snapshots of an index, but would like to set certain parameters, which are available via the “normal” API:

PUT _snapshot/my-repository/2
  "indices": "kibana*,my-index*,-my-index-2016",
  "ignore_unavailable": true,
  "include_global_state": false,
  "partial": false

Does anybody know how to set those parameters while using ISM snapshot operation?

Best regards - Gunnar

I checked with the team and there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that. Although, it’s not a bad idea - would you consider putting in a feature request on this repo:

@searchymcsearchface Yes, of course: feature request #127

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