Process to become a partner

We wanted to become a support partner to Open Distro tools, as a company. anyone can tell me the process to become a support partner.

Thank you!

Sure! I can help with that.

Basically to become a ‘partner’ of Open Distro/OpenSearch, you just need to have some sort of permanent, public page on your website that describes what services or tools that you offer in connection to Open Distro/OpenSearch. Then you need to do a pull request on the project website. We’ll validate your webpage and merge the change.

Boom. You’re a partner!


Hi @searchymcsearchface,
we are using an open distro for our clients as a monitoring solution, and we have developed skill at it.
So we thought to become a support partner.

As you said we have to do a pull request. I am not clear about this what exactly we have to contribute.
do we have to have a special tool to become a partner?

we wanted to become a partner who is giving open distro services to their clients

Thank you

If you take a look in the link in the previous message, it gives instructions on what you need to submit. Basically, a small yaml file.

Also, to be clear, the Open Distro partner program is going away as the entire project shifts to OpenSearch.