"Performing migration of destination data" appearing constantly

OpenSearch 2.9 on Linux (Oracle) with Docker

Describe the issue:

Hi dear OpenSearch Community,
I started to notice the same message pack constantly appearing at the log files

[INFO ][o.o.a.u.d.DestinationMigrationCoordinator] [v3-master.co.com] Performing migration of destination data.
[INFO ][k.j.i.ClassReference ] [v3-master.co.com] Need to migrate 0 email accounts, 0 email groups and 0 destinations (0 configs total)
[INFO ][o.o.a.u.d.DestinationMigrationCoordinator] [v3-master.co.com] Cancel background destination migration process.
[INFO ][o.o.a.u.d.DestinationMigrationCoordinator] [v3-master.co.com] Performing migration of destination data.
[INFO ][k.j.i.ClassReference ] [v3-master.co.com] Destination migration has finished.

The same pack of messages are appearing every minute or so.

I suspect it may be due to not clear migration from 1.3 to 2.0.


Quite straightforward, nothing special.

Relevant Logs or Screenshots:

See above.

Could you please help me to get rid of these messages?

Thanks in advance.

There’s an issue tracking this problem, and the related PR has been merged yet and will be released in 2.12.0: Removed log entry regarding destination migration by riysaxen-amzn · Pull Request #1356 · opensearch-project/alerting · GitHub.

Thank you!

After upgrading 2.9 to 2.12, issue has gone.
Thanks OpenSearch Team!