Opensearch vs Opensearch dashaboard version compatibility


I am using Opensearch dashabord 1.2.0 and Opensearch 1.2.4, but there is a request to upgrade Opensearch to 2.2, will Opensearch dashabord 1.2.0 still compatible with Opensearch 2.2?

Thanks in advance


OpenSearch Dashboards 1.2.0 is not officially compatible with OpenSearch 2.2.0. You will see Dashboards fail to start in the logs if it detects OpenSearch 2.2.0 nodes in the cluster. This version check only occurs at startup.

If your concern is about Dashboards availability during the cluster upgrade, there is a trick: complete the upgrade of all OpenSearch cluster nodes to 2.2.0 then upgrade Dashboards to a 2.2.0 compatible version. In a simple setup, Dashboards remains mostly functional during the upgrade.

This can be tested with docker-compose by swapping out the various containers one-by-one. The docs provide a great compose file to get started.

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