Opensearch logstash source information


We are planning to use Opensearch stack. Whenever we plan to introduce new opensource into our product, we need prepare report containing information about opensource and its source code information. The following components are planned

  1. Opensearch
  2. Logstash
  3. Filebeat

For Opensearch, we could find source code information from github. Filebeat we understood that, we need to take it from elastic github. But for logstash we have doubt from where to get the source information. Our assumption is that, since plan is to download logstash from opensearch, the complete logstash source code will also be from Opensearch, but github we could not find source code for Opensearch logstash. Please let me know where can i get this information?


Filebeat and Logstash are projects managed and owned by Elasic B.V. Filebeat is not open source, it falls under under a non-oss license which Elastic created. Logstash is mostly not open source either due to Elastic’s licensing, some of logstash is Apache 2.0 which is open source, hence it’s quite complex from a licensing perspective. You can get code for both components on github, just do a search.

elastic/logstash: Logstash - transport and process your logs, events, or other data (
elastic/beats: Beats - Lightweight shippers for Elasticsearch & Logstash (

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Thanks for the information. My query is on Opensearch bundle of logstash. I could see a logstash bundle in Opensearch, ontop of OSS logstash with Opensearch output plugin support. In that case, does Opensearch maintains its own version(fork) of logstash source?


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Hey Mari, that is a great question! OpenSearch is only maintaining an output plugin for logstash not a fork. There are two other projects available to ship logs as well that may be worth looking into. They are Data Prepper and Fluentd/Fluent Bit.

Thank you. Just for my understanding,

I could see the package ( includes Logstash OSS and output plugin. When anything added on top Opensource as a customization/feature, Is it not mandatory to fork from original source and maintain custom version?