Support and development of Beats and Logstash

Am looking for comparison to use ELK or Opensearch as Monitoring tool on self managed instance.
Though beats are fully managed by Elastic as on today, only upto 7.12 version are supported on Opensearch Now i want to know will there be any development for Opensearch side to provide their own beats or even logstash.

How is the future of beats on opensearch

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@kris hey, your comments are welcome

Hello @Venkateshprasanth - welcome to the OpenSearch community. I’ve moved this to a better fitting category.

Here are a few links with further information on Beats & Logstash:

FAQ 1.10 Do Elasticsearch clients like Logstash and Beats work with OpenSearch?

FAQ 1.11 Does OpenSearch include forks of Logstash and Beats?

FAQ 1.20 What tools do you recommend for log and metrics collection?

FAQ 1.21 What tools do you recommend for log aggregation?

And, I wondered if you have given Data Prepper a look for your needs:

Let me know if this is helpful.

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hey thanks, Was useful

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