Opensearch logo vs. Simplenote logo


I just recognised that the new Opensearch logo looks almost identical to the Simplenote logo.
Is this known?

I made a sort of picture diff:

Thanks for bringing this up.

After creating the logo, the team searched for similar logos. The team found the “S” like this is fairly common and there is a chance someone could complain about almost any formulation.

That being said, we’d consider our logo (with the outer line) to be sufficiently different to avoid confusion. Additionally, in the case of SimpleNote, it was found during the search but given the differences in the project it’s unlikely that anyone would confused OpenSearch and SimpleNote.


There are many, also SimilarWeb is… similar :man_facepalming:
Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 15.59.55

But I agree with @searchymcsearchface, the context is crucial here, and very low probability that one would get confused by this.