OpenSearch vs Solr - Key Diffs?

Hi all, I’m curious about the key differences between OpenSearch and Solr (besides the plugins) and or target use case as both rely on Lucene.

I ask as I’m using Solr to index documents and I’m wondering if I’m missing out on anything with O.S.

Thanks in adavnce.

you have OpenSearch Dashboards. I don’t think you have a visualization tool for Solr, right? maybe also not. i dont know yet.

I recently wrote a blog post on this very topic: OpenSearch vs Solr: Which One Is Better to Use? - Sematext

As for visualizations in Solr, indeed the ecosystem is “thinner”, depending on exactly what you want. I’ve been making contributions to this young and promising tool lately: The Navigator for Apache Solr - Download

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Yeah, dash boards in OS are a given. Solr, not so much.


A very helpful blog post, thanks.

Looks like Solr is still the way for me. It’s a personal project (not enterprise), no devops, no trawling of logs (just monster JSON and XML documents).


You’re welcome, I’m glad you found the post helpful.

You might want to watch this space, though. OpenSearch keeps getting quite interesting features :blush: