Opensearch dashboard login issue " Invalid username or password"

Versions (relevant - OpenSearch/Dashboard/Server OS/Browser):
Opensearch 2.4

Describe the issue:
Hello All, I installed 3 node cluster opensearch. All 3 are up and working and seems healthy. I installed dashboard as well and left the default config but I’m not able to login dashboard. it say “invalid username-password”. I tried things which I saw on this websites but did not work. Security.plugin is disabled on opensearch configs. Please help me.

opensearch.ssl.verificationMode: none
opensearch.username: kibanaserver
opensearch.password: kibanaserver
opensearch.requestHeadersWhitelist: [authorization, securitytenant]
#opensearch_security.multitenancy.enabled: false
#opensearch_security.multitenancy.tenants.preferred: [Private, Global]
#opensearch_security.readonly_mode.roles: [kibana_read_only]

Use this setting if you are running opensearch-dashboards without https false “”
server.port: 8080
opensearch.hosts: [“htp://”, “”, “”]

OPENSEARCH CONFIG true esnode.pem esnode-key.pem root-ca.pem false true esnode.pem esnode-key.pem root-ca.pem true true

  • CN=kirk,OU=client,O=client,L=test, C=de internal_opensearch true true [“all_access”, “security_rest_api_access”] true [“.plugins-ml-model”, “.plugins-ml-task”, “.opendistro-alerting-config”, “.opendistro-alerting-alert*”, “.opendistro-anomaly-results*”, “.opendistro-anomaly-detector*”, “.opendistro-anomaly-checkpoints”, “.opendistro-anomaly-detection-state”, “.opendistro-reports-", ".opensearch-notifications-”, “.opensearch-notebooks”, “.opensearch-observability”, “.opendistro-asynchronous-search-response*”, “.replication-metadata-store”]
node.max_local_storage_nodes: 3
######## End OpenSearch Security Demo Configuration ########

Hi All,

I fixed the issue :).

I noticed this and enabled security in opensearch config.
The security plugin is actually two plugins: one for OpenSearch and one for OpenSearch Dashboards. You can use the OpenSearch plugin independently, but the OpenSearch Dashboards plugin depends on a secured OpenSearch cluster.