OpenSearch as key-value db

The issue:

I’m going to use the OpenSearch as a database for the analytics backend. I need to store the audit data and use the Dashboards as a frontend. I expect the amount of raw data to be written about 5-10Gb per year.
The main cases is to monitor the audit analytics + rare fetch by id.
I can afford the AWS EC2 t4g.large (4 cores, 8 Gb RAM) for my purposes.
Assuming, I’m starting from the single node, is it ok to run OpenSearch+Dashboards in the docker container on such machine?
Will I be able to add an additional OpenSearch node to this setup?
Is it safe to use ec2 snapshots for the backup?
I theoreticaly can setup an RDS for the raw data, but I’m afraid I will need to setup the data ingestion into OpenSearch which I’m trying to avoid, as I will need to pay for RDS + EC2
Are there any issues, pitfals with such case?
I appreciate any thoughts, feedback, anything related to my questions.


AWS EC2 t4g.large ?
open search single node

You can consider using the snapshot feature in OpenSearch to store the shard files to S3, take snapshot automatically and restore the index in case of some shards are corrupt. Snapshot management policy can be used to take snapshot automatically for the indices, and remote-backed storage provides request level durability, you can use this feature to protect your cluster from being unrecoverable because of the single node configuration.