Opensearch-analysis-ik plugin

we need to support chinese and thus want to use the elasticsearch-analysis-ik plugin (on ES 7.10.2) / the OpenSearch equivalent thereof.

for the latter we have the problem that there doesn’t seem to be an “official” fork of it which is actively maintained. @aparo has created a fork (see also the Plugins for Opensearch thread), but it hasn’t been updated past 1.2.4. online searches reveal two more such plugins, neither of which seems to be maintained.

on the AWS managed service the plugin is explicitly listed as being available on opensearch: Plugins by engine version - Amazon OpenSearch Service
thus now the question for AWS: which of these plugins are you using? is there one which supports the current version of opensearch and will also be updated to 2.0?

any updates on this? anyone using this plugin?

OpenSearch 2.0 is out and there’s no opensearch-analysis-ik plugin fork which shows any activity.

@aparo has released version 2.0.0 a week ago :heart: - thanks for that!

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i have some bad news: the plugin doesn’t actually work :frowning:
EDIT: found a (partial) workaround, see my comment on the issue. however, out of the box the plugin doesn’t work yet.

so the question remains: which fork are others using who need the IK analysis functionality? can we centralize the efforts for this on a single fork?