OpenDistro For ELK Stack 7.9.0?

Hi im new to OpenDistro.

Wish to enquire approx how many months after ELK Stack 7.9.0 (current is 7.8.0) will OpenDistro be released that fits the a/m ELK version.

I noticed that OD for ELK will support an ELK version that’s slightly behind the normal one. Is there any difficulty/reason on why this is the phenomenon?


Hey Ethan,

We try our best to maintain version currency. After the upstream version is released, we have to integrate the new version with our plugins, run through test suites, ensure compatibility before we release. With that said, we are planning to release our next version in the next 10 days.


Thanks for the response. I think the delay is understandable and normal if your solutions is based on some other vendors.

@bpavani Any update on 7.9 release?