One OpenSearch Dasboards for several Opensearch clusters

I’m curious is it possible to configure OpenSearch Dashboard to work with a couple of OpenSearch clusters?
If not is there a plan to support such functionality?

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Hello @andrii!

Yes it should be possible. In your opensearch_dashboards.yml you will just need to set

opensearch.hosts: ["http://host1", "http://host2"]

Or if you use docker here’s in example:

I don’t think opensearch.hosts affords endpoints from multiple different clusters. Only the same cluster. (Right?)

I believe @andrii is asking about how to use remote cross-search connections, and designing a hub-and-spoke model around that. The idea is you’d have a small cluster only used for Dashboards to connect to, and that small central cluster would have cross-search connections to various clusters where your data actually lives. All your Index Patterns would be prefixed with the applicable storage cluster name. Like cluster1:my-index-family-*, etc.

@mhoydis you are right! Apologies @andrii for the misunderstanding!

Thanks a lot @mhoydis and @kavilla looks like a Cross-cluster search is what I was looking for.

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There is a proposed solution in the form of a ‘Request For Comments’ issue in Github as we speak - please please feel empowered to visit the issue in github and provide insight into how you’d love to see it turn out!

@andrii just for you information.
we have release multiple datasource feature to support what you looking for. It is more easy way to setup and use than configure cross-cluster search

You may find launch highlight blog Launch Highlight: Multiple Data Sources · OpenSearch

Feel free to leave your feedback here

multiple datasource feature show case on playground