Feedback: Experimental Feature - Connect to External Data Sources

In OpenSearch 2.4, we are introducing Multi Data Source Connections as an experimental feature.

The OpenSearch team is actively looking for your feedback and ideas to enhance our experimental features and capabilities. Please include a description of your use cases to help understand the context of your feedback.


Here is show case dashboards on playground by leveraging the Multiple Data Source feature.

It demonstrates capability to connect to multiple remote data source(OpenSearch) and render the visualization on one Dashboards pane without login to multiple place.

  • Show case Global Controls as filter
  • Show case support for Gauge, Pie, Metric, Tag Cloud, Area
  • Show case support for Saved Queries


Thanks for the feature! One more thing will be in demand for us. Access to external DS with Dev Console.

Maybe it is planned roadmap already.

You’re right. Integrate multiple datasource with dev console is our plan. It’s part of this issue

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This looks great! I’ve tried using it with proxy auth but it didn’t set the headers on outgoing requests to opensearch, like dashboards does when using the default data source. I didn’t try the other authentication types.

I think this will be pretty key for non-trivial use cases, as you’ll want the backend to audit the real user doing the query, and have different permissions for different users

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I am not able to connect to remote OpenSearch cluster with SSL enabled…it’s failing with error code 400. irrespective of whatever I do…I am able to use curl to get the response from remote cluster. any pointes or help.
Error what I am getting while test connection:-
“statusCode”: 400,
“error”: “Bad Request”,
“message”: “Data Source Error: unable to get local issuer certificate”,
“attributes”: {
“error”: “Data Source Error: unable to get local issuer certificate”

I can’t connect,
Is the idea to connect two OpenSearch clusters under one dashboards page?
Cluster A Dashboards> Query Cluster B Cluster
What goes in the endpoint URL? Cluster B Dashboards:5601? or an Opensearch:9200 URL
Regardless I’m getting
“Failed Connecting to the endpoint using the provided authentication method”
Am I missing something?

Works great,

I conencted to another instance (i.e., Graylog) and grabbed my data, create dahboard, searches. etc… from there I create alerts, Visualizations.

+1 for me


I am try to set this up but I am unable to. see also this post I made. Would you be able to advice here?