Odfe-cli 1.1.0 is released

We are excited to announce the release of odfe-cli v1.1.0. This release offers several new features including auto complete, opendistro-kNN plugin’s REST API as native commands, any REST API as generic command and finally AWS IAM Authentication type.

You can download the binaries directly from the downloads page or from our release section.

Release highlights:

  • Auto complete

Auto-completion helps users to input odfe-cli parameters more efficiently, by completing command/parameter names or displays suggestion when more than one match is found.

  • Support opendistro-kNN plugin

odfe-cli supports opendistro-kNN REST API as native commands. Users can now perform operations like displaying current status of the k-NN plugin and warm up shared for given indices.

  • Support any REST API as generic command

As of now, Elasticsearch support API in different categories like index api, cat api, cluster api, document api, etc to configure and access their features. It will take tremendous amount of time and effort to provide every api as native commands. Hence, we added four basic commands “get”, “put”, “post”, “delete”, where users can perform any supported REST API in a generic way. This will unlock users who are waiting for a specific api to be integrated as native commands. This allows users to even execute any opendistro plugin API before we integrate every plugin natively.

  • Support AWS IAM Authentication

We revamped our profile creation steps to onboard clusters where security is configured to use AWS IAM as authentication for users. This will benefit Amazon Elasticsearch users who configured to use AWS IAM ARN as users. These changes will allow us in future to support more authentication types like certificate, JWT, etc that are enabled by security plugin in a scalable way.