Open Distro for Elasticsearch 1.7.0 Released

Open Distro for Elasticsearch 1.7.0 is now available for download.

The release consists of Apache 2 licensed Elasticsearch version 7.6.1, Kibana version 7.6.1, new plugins for anomaly detection and SQL Kibana, a SQL ODBC driver and SQL CLI client. Other plugins in the distribution include alerting, index management, performance analyzer, security, SQL and machine learning with k-NN. A SQL JDBC driver and PerfTop, a client for Performance Analyzer are also available for download.

Release Highlights

Please take a look at the detailed 1.7.0 release notes for the latest features, enhancements, infra and documentation updates and bug fixes.

Also, read the release blog post for more release details.

Check out the new Open Distro AMI!

Happy downloading! :tada::tada::tada: