We currently have Elasticsearch opendistro up and running on Windows server 2019. We are looking to connect this/ Kibana to our LDAP Active Directory server. I find the documentation to be lacking or confusing. When I run the included security admin script I get a parse err stating that I have to give it args for certs or key stores. When I include the arguments for the demo certs I get another error. related to java I just do not understand what is going on here. It is my understanding that I have to run this security admins script to apply the changes in the secuirty.yml file where I input our active directory information.

Have you install opendistro-security plugin?

I believe so, with the WIndows files it comes included. Also the documentation only references Linux

Can you share your config.yml file?

Hello I have gotten past that stage now I get an error that says these files are not in the correct format.

It says that the files are not in open distro security format 7 and stops the initialization.

Actually it says that the files are not found, because it searches for them in your current directory. You need to specify -cd ../securityconfig (by default these yaml files are stored there).
Make sure you’ve gone through the relevant documentation.

That was correct. I get the security admin script to run now. I have another issue with the security plugin in Kibana\ldap that I will address in another post. Thank you.