Any documentation about securityadmin command line tool?

It’s great to meet with open distro for elasticsearch, great work!

I am trying to setup a test cluster with security, which connect with LDAP.
But when I configured /usr/share/elasticsearch/plugins/opendistro_security/securityconfig/config.yml and restart elasticsearch, I got an ERROR log said:

[ERROR][c.a.o.s.a.BackendRegistry] [my-node-name] Not yet initialized (you may need to run securityadmin)

Of course LDAP didn’t work.
Then I found a tip in Kibana security UI:

I found this in /usr/share/elasticsearch/plugins/opendistro_security/tools, but somehow it just could not connect the node at localhost.

Could you please provide some details or usage example about this tool? That could be very helpful.

Hey !
I’m not sure about it but Open Distro for elasticsearch security plugin is really similar to SearchGuard, so maybe you can try to read the documentation from SearchGuard?

sgadmin looks like the securityadmin tool.
(Configuration Migration | Security for Elasticsearch | Search Guard)


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Hi @Reilee thanks for the feedback. I’ve opened an issue in our documentation repo to track adding documentation for this tool. Please feel free to give it a :+1:

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Thank you, this doc works perfect!