ODBC version - https


I am trying to connect to our OpenDistro ElasticSearch through HTTPS, but without success.
Was somebody able to do that?

The access test through “curl” or “browser” are correctly working.

I appreciate any help.

Thank You

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Hi @omolinillo could you provide some details like the symptoms, and what endpoint are you sending request to access ES? And btw I saw you tagged “SQL” label, are you executing SQL queries through HTTPS?

Hi @chloe-zh,
Sorry for the delay in my answer.
We are trying to connect from PowerBI to our internal ES-server using the ODBC driver on a Windows machine (PowerBI OnPremise-Gateway) .

We are able to access our ES server through the Windows machine using “curl” or through a browser to the HTTPS endpoint. The SSL certificate is from a valid authority, they are not self-signed ones.
Our question is if anybody was able to establish and encrypted connection using ODBC-driver.

Thank You.