ODBC driver crash

Im trying to connect elasticsearch to power-bi using the Open Distro ODBC driver, but the problem is that the (64bit version) crashes when i click on “Test”.
Ive tried both the elasticsearch version that Open Distro provides and the one that is available on the elastichstack website.

These are the settings i used for the configuration of the elasticsearch version provided by Open Distro.

I also tried installing the 32bit version of the driver. While using the same settings this driver didnt crash, tho it did gave the following error:
Connection error: [Open Distro For Elasticsearch][SQL ODBC Driver][SQL Plugin] Connection error: failed to establish connection to DB.

Also i can connect perfectly fine when i use the following shell command:
curl -XGET https://localhost:9200 -u admin:admin --insecure

Thanks in advance for the help!

@Floris, what is about checkbox “Hostname Verification”? For curl you use --insecure.

Im still new to Elastic and opendisistro, so im just trying to follow the documentation to get things to work.

To verify the installation of the opdistro version of elasticsearch i have to use the --insecure command:

And the hostname verification checkbox i checked since thats also what the exaple does in the documentation, altho i have tried unchecking the checkbox. Tho that also didnt work for me.

I mean, if we use --insecure with curl which is used in case when we use a self-signed certificate to secure connection to the cluster, we probably should also try to disable ‘Hostname Verification’.

I just tried it, but i still have the problem that when i click on “test” both the “ODBS Data Sources” app from windows and the driver DNS setup from Distro closes for no reason.

Hi ,
The driver configuration and testing connection work
but after the connection to POWER BI the data is restricted to a small chunk.
I am able to load only 200 row where as my table (index ) on ElasticSearch contain millions of row.

Hi @shahrukh

This is because the default size limit is 200 for the query engine. You can update the limit and enable the cursor if necessary within the SQL plugin, check out the reference here: sql/settings.rst at develop · opendistro-for-elasticsearch/sql · GitHub