Navigation bar breadcrumbs look weird

After 1.3.0 → 2.3.0 upgrade breadcrumbs look weird in Opensearch Dashboards.
The whole migration went smoothly except this specific issue.

Removing “euiLink” from the element classes brings it back to normal but in overall it’s not normal behavior I guess…


I have the same issue only on deployments where upgrade from 1.3.x to 2.2.0 has been made.
For clean deploys looks fine, but for upgraded deploys the problem still exists.

@faust93 have you found an official solution for this problem?

Found the solution, check if in your .kibana_1 config you have
"theme:version": "v8 (beta)"
And change it to "theme:version":"v8"


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This is an issue with the way the new breadcrumbs were implemented in OSD. Right now, we are in the process of moving that implementation into OUI, so that we have more control over it. You can check here for a tracking issue:

If you want implementation details, the issue is that the new breadcrumb styling was done in OSD rather than OUI. That means that the way we could implement it was very limited, because we didn’t have access to the underlying component implementation. The way it was implemented was using a sort of “hacky” patching method, using certain types of blurs. What it looks like to me is that the blur didn’t get applied correctly in this case.

Again, the new style is being implemented correctly, in the right place now, so a fix should be out next release :slight_smile: